Morning updated
7.27a.m. Channel Highway, Howden Road
7.29a.m. 149 Howden Road
7.32a.m. 411 Howden Road
7.34a.m. Corner Brightwater Road &Tinderbox Road Junction
7.36a.m. Corner Brightwater Road & Olearia Drive
7.38a.m. 40 Burwood Drive
7.40a.m. 63 Woodlands Drive
7.41a.m. 3 Garnett Street
7.45a.m. 46 Illawarra Rd - Bus stop
7.45a.m. 6 Illawarra
7.46a.m. 72 Wells Pde
7.46a.m. 48 Wells Pde
7.47a.m. 158 Roslyn Ave - Bus stop
7.48a.m. 143 Roslyn Ave - Bus stop
7.50a.m. 78 & 87 Roslyn Ave - Bus stop
7.51a.m. 28 Mt. Royal Road
7.53a.m. 37 Osbourne Esplanade - Bus Stop
7.54a.m. Kingston Beach Hall , kingston Beach
7.55a.m. Beach Road Kingston
7.57a.m. Church Street Kingston
7.59a.m. Kingston Central, Channel Hwy - Bus stop
8.02a.m. Opposite 3 Channel Hwy (Mals) -Bus stop
8.05a.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Proctors Road
8.20a.m. Taroona High School
Afternoon   updated
2.47p.m. Taroona High School
3.00p.m. 3 Channel Highway (Mals Plant Hire)
3.02p.m. 8 Roslyn Ave
3.03p.m. Opposite 65 Roslyn Ave
3.04p.m. 78 Roslyn Ave
3.05p.m. 128 Roslyn Ave
3.07p.m. 158 Roslyn Ave - Bus stop
3.08p.m. 180 Roslyn Ave
3.12p.m. Illawarra Primary School
3.21p.m. St Aloysius (Huntingfield) campus
3.34p.m. blackmans Bay Shopping Centre Algona Road - Bus stop
3.36p.m. 190 Roslyn Ave
3.40p.m. Illawarra Primary School
3.44p.m. 173 Roslyn Ave
3.48p.m. St Aloysius (Kingston) campus
3.55p.m. Kingston Beach Hall

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