Only students that a eligible for a free pass need a card  click here to get a green card

Tickets can be bought from the bus driver same as normal. Students are urged to buy 10 ride tickets - $14.40 saving the bus driver handling so much cash.

$1.80 fare per trip
Maximum ten-ride ticket cost will be $14.40.
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In 2020 fare-paying students will no longer need to carry a Student Greencard unless they are travelling on Metro or Tassielink.



Student fare                   $1.80        
Sheet of tickets (ten-rides)
cost will be $14.40.
that is a discount of $3.60

Students who present a free Travel Student Greencard will continue to travel for free on eligible journeys.

For further information or apply for a card online

Free student free cards have the expiry date on the top left hand corner
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Apply online
Tasmanian transport web site    

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