Morning updated
7.47a.m. Bus Shelter, Redwood Road
7.49a.m. 1 Hawthorn Drive
7.50a.m. 21 Hawthorn Drive
7.51a.m. 137 Redwood Road - Bus stop
7.52a.m. 87 Maranoa Road - Bus stop
7.53a.m. Kingston Town - Bus Shelter
7.54a.m. 25 Whitewater Cres
7.55a.m. 57 Whitewater Cres
7.56a.m. 4 Malarchi
7.57a.m. 40 Willowbend Road
7.58a.m. 35 Willowbend Road
8.00a.m. 19 Queens Parade
8.01a.m. 31 Queens Parade
8.02a.m. 18 Hust Street
8.03a.m. 123 Summerleas Road - Bus stop
8.05a.m. Kingston High School (meet Leslie Vale bus to collect Kingston Primary students)
8.07a.m. Kingston High School (meet Leslie Vale bus to collect Kingston Primary students)
8.10a.m. 16 Nolan Cres
8.11a.m. 12 Foley Road
8.12a.m. 110 Willowbend Road
8.13a.m. Corner of Malarchi & Liam Drives
8.14a.m. 56 Whitewater Cres
8.15a.m. 14 Whitewater Cres
Summerleas Road
8.18a.m. Calvin Christion School - Primary
8.20a.m. Kingston Primary School
8.23a.m. Corner James Ave & Roslyn Ave
8.25a.m. 78 & 87 Roslyn Ave
8.30a.m. Opposite St Aloysius School
8.32a.m. Blackmans Bay Primary School
8.35a.m. Illawarra Primary School
3.00p.m. Illawarra Primary School
3.05p.m. Blackmans Bay Primary School
3.06p.m. 143 Roslyn Ave
3.07p.m. St. Aloysius School (Kingston Campus)
(Pick up BB students from Kevin)
3.10p.m. Kingston Primary School
3.15p.m. 31 Queens Pde
3.17p.m. 4 Dadu Street
3.18p.m. 123 Summerleas Road
3.20p.m. Kingston High School
3.24p.m. Corner Nolan Cres & Freesia Court
3.25p.m. 12 foley Road
3.26p.m. 110 Willowbend road
3.27p.m. 8 Malarchi Drive
3.28p.m. 57 Whitewater Cres
3.29p.m. 13 Whitewater Cres
3.35p.m. 50 Maranoa Road
3.37p.m. 78 Maranoa Road - Bus stop
3.39p.m. 104 Redwood Road
3.40p.m. 186 Redwood Road
3.41p.m. 26 Hawthon Drive
3.42p.m. 14 Hawthon Drive - Bus stop
3.43p.m. 2 Hawthon Drive
3.44p.m. 269 Redwood Road
3.45p.m. 247 Redwood Road

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