Margate - Kingston via Leslie vale, Longley.

7:20 am 328 Sandfly Road Margate
7:27 am Corner Allens Rivulet and Moodys Roads
7:30 am 821 Sandfly Road - Sandfly Genarl Store
7:33 am Houn Road Longley Hotel
7:37 am Intersection Houn Road & Leslie Road
7:39 am Corner Leslie Road & Wolfes Roads
7:45 am Houn Highway Kingston - walkway
Transfer to City Bus

8:03 am Macquarie Street
Bus stop St David's Cathedral
8:10 am Davey Street St Anns Nursing Home
8:20 am Kingston Central Channel Hwy
8:25 am Tarraemah - St. Aloysius
8:37 am 1755 Channel Hwy
8:40 am Tarraemah - St. Aloysius Huntingfield
8:58 am Woodbridge School
3:00 pm Channel Christian School
3:10 pm Calvin Christian Seconary School
3:15 pm Tarraemah
3:22 pm St. Aloysius - Huntfield
3:42 pm 319 Macquarie Street Metro Bus Stop
3:46 pm St Michaels Collegiate School Macquatie Street
3:50 pm 103 Macquqeie Street

2:15 pm Houn Highway Kingston - Walkway
2:25 pm Corner Leslie & Wolfes Road
2:28 pm Intersection Houn Road & Leslie Road
2:30 pm Houn Road Longley Hotel
2:32 pm Corner Sanfly Road & Houn Road
2:35 pm 821 Sandfly Road -Sandfly General Store
2:38 pm Corner Allens Rivulet & Moodys Roads
2:43 pm 328 Sandfly Road Margate

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