Nierinna Road and Van Morey Road to Margate Primary School and Channel Christian School

MORNINGS updated
7.57a.m. Corner Nierinna Road and Burnady Drive
7.59a.m. Corner Nierinna Road and Perrins Road
8.02a.m. Corner Nierinna Road and Lawless Road
8.04a.m. Corner Nierinna Road and Tabors Road
8.06a.m. Corner Nierinna Road and McGowans Road
8.10a.m. Corner Nierinna Road and Trowernna Road
8.15a.m. 122 Nierinna Road
8.18a.m. 74 Nierinna Road
8.23a.m. Margate Primary School
8.27a.m.Corner Van Morey and Minchins Road
8.29a.m.Corner Van Morey and Petterd Road
8.32a.m.Corner Van Morey and Valley View Road
8.36a.m.Corner Van Morey and Old Bernies Road
8.39a.m.Corner Van Morey and Brook Lane
8.40.a.m.Corner Van Morey and Willunga Close
8.43a.m.Margate Primary School
8.50a.m.Channel Christian Primary School


3.05a.m.Channel Christian Primary School
3.10a.m.Margate Primary School
3.13a.m.Corner Nierinna Road and Burnaby Drive
3.16a.m.74 Nierinna Road
3.19a.m.122 Nierinna Road
3.21a.m.Corner Nierinna Road and Perrins Road
3.24a.m.Corner Nierinna Road and Lawless Road
3.36a.m.Corner Nierinna Road and Tabors Road
3.38a.m.Corner Nierinna Road and McGowans Road
3.42a.m.Corner Tabors Road and Trowenna Road
3.55a.m.Corner Van Morey Road and Minchins Road
3.57a.m.Corner Van Morey Road and Petterd Road
4.00a.m.Corner Van Morey Road and Valley View Road
4.04a.m.Corner Van Morey Road and Old Bernies Road

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