Morning AMupdated
7.50a.m. Depart Silverwater Park
7.52a.m. Clear Creek Road
7.52a.m. Clear Creek Road
7.56a.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Oxleys Road
7.58a.m. Channel Hwy - Kettering Service Station
7.59a.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Nicholls Rivulet Roads
8.04a.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Old Station Road
8.10a.m. Snug Primary School
8.13a.m. 1830 Channel Hwy Margate
8.15a.m. 19 Incana Road
8.16a.m. 17 Beach Road & Bundalla Road
8.18a.m. Corner Beach Road & Channel Highway
8.30a.m. Southern Christian College
8.35a.m. Calvin Secondary School
Afternoon updated
3.20p.m. Depart Calvin Christian School
3.28p.m. Southern Christian College
3.30p.m. Corner Redwood Road & Channel Highway
3.35p.m. 1521 Channel Highway Margate (Wisby Depot)
   (collect transfers from St Aloysius, Tarremah )
3.39p.m. 77 Beach Road Margate
3.40p.m. Corner Beach Road & Bundalla Road
3.41p.m. 19 Incana Road
3.44p.m. Corner Channel Highway & Derwent Avenue
3.47p.m. Corner Channel Highway & Slatterys Road
3.50p.m. Snug Primary School (collect transfers from St Aloysius,
Tarremah & Taroona High)
3.52p.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Old Station Road
3.56p.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Manuka Roads
3.58p.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Doughboys Roads
4.00p.m. Kettering Hall - 2963 Channel Hwy
4.01p.m. Corner Channel Hwy & - Oxleys Road
4.02p.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Clear Creek Road >
4.12p.m. Silverwater Park, Woodbridge
4.15p.m. Woodbridge High School

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