7.45a.m. Bus Depot, Channel Highway, Margate Channel Highway
7.47a.m. Corner Channel Highway & Howden Road Howden Road
7.49a.m. 149 Howden Roadd
7.52a.m. Corner Brightwater Road & Fenton Court
7.55a.m. Corner Brightwater Road & Tinderbox Road
7.56a.m. 503 Tinderbox Road
494 Tinderbox Road
473 Tinderbox Road
469 Tinderbox Roaad
449 Tinderbox Road
8.03a.m. Ferguson Ave Tinderbox
322 Tinderbox Road
309 Tinderbox Road
Mt Louis Road
247 Tinderbox Road
238 Tinderbox Road
185 Tinderbox Road
177 Tinderbox Road
165 Tinderbox Road
8.12a.m. Fossil Cove Drive
115 Tinderbox Road
8.16a.m. Illawarra Primary School   
8.18a.m. Corner Woodlands Drive & Roslyn Ave
8.19a.m. Corner Roslyn Ave & Garnett Street
8.20a.m. Opposite Shell Service station - Bus stop
Algona Road
Huntingfield Drive
8.26a.m.Tarremah School
8.26a.m. St Aloysius (Huntingfield Campus )
   Wait for buses to collect K Primary & Southern Christian Collage students
Channel Highway
Redwood Road
8.34a.m. Southern Christian College
Maranoa Hgts to Kingston Primary only
8.38a.m. 8 Lorikeet Street
8.39a.m. 27 thornbill Street
8.40a.m. 3 Hawthorn Drive
8.42a.m. 181 Hawthorn Drive
Redwood Road
8.45a.m. 87 Maranoa road- Bus stop
Dennison Street
8.50a.m. Kingston Primary School
3.03p.m. Kingston Primary School
Freeman St
Dennison Street
3.05a.m. 42 Maranoa Road
3.06a.m. 78 Maranoa Road - Bus stop
3.07a.m. 94 Redwood Road
3.08a.m. 8 Lorikeet
3.09a.m. 27 Thornbill Street
3.10a.m. 17 Hawthorn Drive
3.11a.m. Corner Redwood Road & Ash Drive
3.12a.m. Corner Birch Street & Cypress Place
3.12a.m. Corner Birch Street & Oak Court
3.13a.m. Corner Redwood Road & Waratah Street
3.14a.m. 254 Redwood Road - Bus stop
3.15a.m. 278 Redwood Road
3.15a.m. 300 Redwood Road
algona Road
Roslyn Ave
3.18p.m. Illawarra Primary School   
3.22a.m. Corner Brightwater Road & Tinderbox Road
3.23a.m. 272 Brightwater Road
3.25a.m. Corner Brightwater Road & Draper Road,
3.26a.m. 25 Draper Road
3.27a.m. Corner Brightwater Road & Isabel Court
3.28a.m. Corner Brightwater Road & Bonnie Vale Drive
3.30a.m. Corner Brightwater Road & olearia
Burwood Drive
3.34a.m. 33 woodlands Drive
Roslyn Ave
3.40p.m. Illawarra Primary School   
3.41a.m. Corner Suncoast Drive & Tinderbox Road
3.42a.m. 115 Tinderbox Road
3.43a.m. Fossil Cove
3.45a.m. 165 Tinderbox Road
3.47a.m. 177 Tinderbox Road
3.48a.m. 185 Tinderbox Road
3.50p.m. 238 Tinderbox Road
3.53a.m. 247 Tinderbox Road
3.55a.m. 322 Tinderbox Road
3.57a.m. Corner Tinderbox Road & Ferguson Ave
4.02a.m. 449 Tinderbox Road
4.03a.m. 472 Tinderbox Road
4.05a.m. 494 Tinderbox Road
4.06a.m. 503 Tinderbox Road
4.08a.m. Corner Tinderbox Road & Isabel Court
4.09a.m. Corner Tinderbox Road & Wingara Road
4.10p.m. 432 Tinderbox Road
4.11a.m. 418 Tinderbox Road
4.12a.m. 384 Tinderbox Road
4.14a.m. 149 Tinderbox Road
4.17a.m. Bus Depot

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