Mornings updated
7.44a.m. Peggys Beach
7.46a.m. Snug Shop
7.48a.m. 17 Davies Road Lower Snug
118 Old Station Road
125 Coningham Road
181 Coningham Road
195 Coningham Road
7.55a.m. Coningham Beach
Corner Coningham Road & Old Station Road
Corner Old Station Road & Sarron Place
52 Davies Road
38 Davis Road
2324 Channel Hwy - bau stop
2 Esplande
19 Frost Street
Corner Frost Stree & beaach Road
8.05a.m. 9 Beach Road ( Snug shop )
8.08a.m. Snug Primary School     (Collect St Aloysius students from Woodbridge bus)
Opposite 1931 Channel Highway - (just before Tip)
1872 Channel Hwy
Channel Hwy y
8.20a.m. Tarremah Steiner School
8.22a.m. St Aloysius (Huntingfield Campus)
Channel Hwy (Redwood Road bus - stop)
Summerleas Road
8.33a.m. Kingston High School


Afternoons Updated -
3.15p.m Kingston High School
3.20p.m.133 Channel Hwy (Corner Redwood Road)
3.22p.m. Tarremah Steiner School
3.25a.m. St Aloysius (Huntingfield Campus)
3.25a.m. St Aloysius (Huntingfield Campus)
1439 Channel Hwy - Bus stop
1697 Channel Hwy - Bus stop
1755 Channel Hwy - Bus stop (Channel Heritage Museum)
Corner Derwent Ave
Corner Baretta Road & Channel Hwy
3.40p.m. Peggy's Beach 7 Grahams Street
1 Staff Road
10 Dickson Street
3.43p.m. Opposite Harts Road
Corner Beach Road & Channel Hwy
2 Frost Street
22 Frost Street
3.45p.m. 2235 Channel Hwy Snug
3.50p.m. Corner Needlewood Road & Davies Road
49 Davies Road
63 Davies Road
81 Davies Road
118 Old Station Road
83 Coningham Road
125 Coningham Road
181 Coningham Road
195 Coningham Road
257 Coningham Road
4.00p.m. Coningham Beach

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