As from Monday 9th April the kettering bus will now leave ferry terminal at 7.35 a.m. updated

MORNINGS updated
7.32a.m. 15 Ferry Road Kettering - Kettering Marina
7.35a.m. Ferry Terminal Channel Highway
7.37a.m. Selby's Road, Kettering
7.39a.m. Kettering Shop
7.40a.m.Corner Channel Hwy & Bloomsbury Lane
7.41a.m. Oyster Cove Store Channel Highway
7.44a.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Waldie's Drive
7.45a.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Powers Road
7.50a.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Snug Tiers Road (Opposite shop)
7.51a.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Harts Road
7.55a.m. Margate Hall - Van Morey Road
7.56a.m.Corner Van Morey Road & Dayspring Drive
7.57a.m.Corner Van Morey Road & Frost Road
7.58a.m.Corner Van Morey Road & Brook Lane
7.59a.m.Corner Van Morey Road & Old Bernies Road
8.02a.m.Corner Van Morey Road & Petterds Road
8.03a.m.Corner Van Morey Road & Valley View Road
8.06a.m.Corner Van Morey Road & Old Bernies Road
8.08a.m.Corner Van Morey Road & Brook Lane
8.09a.m.Corner Van Morey Road & Day Spring Drive
8.10a.m. Van Morey Road, Margate primary school
8.13a.m. 1710 Channel Hwy Margate central
Huntingfield Drive
8.28a.m. Tarremah Steiner School
8.31a.m. St Aloysius College (Huntingfield)
Kingston bypass
Summerleas Road
8.47a.m. Kingston High School


AFTERNOONS traffic can be slow at Huntingfield, times are somtimes later
3.16p.m. Kingston High School
Summerleas Road
Kingston Bypass
Huntingfield Drive
3.26p.m. Tarremah Steiner School
3.28p.m. St Aloysius College (Huntingfield)
Huntingfield Drive
3.32p.m. North West Bay Golf Club
3.34p.m. Margate Train
3.36p.m. Margate Central
3.37p.m. Margate Hall - Van Morey Road
3.38p.m. Day Spring Drive
3.40p.m. Frost Road
3.42p.m. 363 Van Morey Road
3.43p.m. Corner Van Morey Road & Frost Road
3.45p.m. Corner Van Morey Road & Brooks Lane
3.46p.m. Corner Van Morey Road & Petterd Road
3.43p.m. Corner Van Morey Road & Frost Road
3.49p.m.Valley View Road
3.52p.m. 434 Van Morey Road
3.54p.m. Corner Van Morey Road & Old Berrnies Road
3.56p.m.Margate primary school
4.02p.m. Corner Channel Hwy & Grahams Street (Peggys Beach)
4.05p.m. Snug Shop Channel Highway
4.06p.m. Corner Old Station Road & Channel Highway
4.07p.m. Corner Powers Road Road & Channel Highway
4.08p.m. Corner Waldie's Drive & Channel Highway
4.09p.m. Corner Chnnel Hwy & Oyster Cove
4.10p.m. Channel Hwy opposite Bloomsbury Road
4.13p.m. opposite Kettering shop
4.15p.m. Channel Hwy opposite Corby's Road Kettering
4.16p.m. 44 Ferry Road
4.18p.m. Ferry Terminal, Ferry Road
4.21p.m. 15 Ferry Road - Kettering Marina

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